House of Vein is dated back to the Victorian era, where there was an elite community who loved to throw a ball on every full moon to gather everyone; the Lord, the Lady, the Earl, the Dame and the people. It was a culture at Benedict Hamlet.

Every year, a lady by the name of Lady Carter hosted the ball at her astonishing manor nearby the lake of Benedict. Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate series of events in handling the ball, it was somehow cancelled. Knowing the news, Lord Edwards, a perfume master, wished to continue this tradition at his. Everyone was invited to the ball including this beautiful and honourable lady of the house of Bennett, Lady Bennett.

Lady Bennett was better known as the lady of the scents due to her collections of exclusive fragrances from perfumers around the globe, including Vein owned by Lord Edwards.

Her own pick, the Fruity Entanglements (II), had made everyone notice her entrée at the ball, including Lord Edwards himself. The ball went well and Lord Edwards was catching feelings for Lady Bennett.

Making the first move, Lord Edwards set up an appointment to meet Lady Bennett to personalise an exclusive fragrance just for herself. After a long meeting and discussion, Lord Edwards found a mixture of floral, fruity, and woody to be ingrained in a bottle, hence named it Caramel Woody Affairs(III).

They both became emotionally closed and attached. To remember every sweet gesture and how lovely Lady Bennett was, he got an idea to surprise her with his lady's masterpiece fragrance, which was later named after Lady Bennett herself, The Memory of The Bennett(IV).

Few days had passed.  

Being the most respected lady at the hamlet, Lady Carter was informed prior to Caramel Woody Affairs and she happened to stumble upon Lord Edwards and Lady Bennet nearby Benedict garden during the night. Confirming the affairs, Lady Carter urged these two love birds to stop their affairs and threaten to inform it to The Batten family, who had been the law of Benedict Hamlet for centuries.

The incident had left Lord Edwards and Lady Bennett to stop their secret affairs. As a gesture of thanking Lady Carter (the lady of manners) for informing the wrongdoing of theirs, Lord Edwards formulated a fragrance as a gift to the lady herself called An incident with Lady Carter(Origin).

Humbly, Lady Bennett asked for one final walk with Lord Edwards whilst making up her mind to move to another hamlet before there were any rumours started to linger around her family's ears. Invitation accepted, she was permissible for a night walk with Lord Edward himself. Prior to the end of their romantic tales, Lord Edwards put on the one and only gentlemen's masterpiece fragrance from his valuable collection, A Night Walk with Lord Edward(V)

To be continued...